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The techniques of sports massage are not just applicable to sports activity. They could be useful for your occupation or lifestyle whether active or not.

Originating in the swedish massage discipline, sports massage tends to be a deeper and more intense manipulation of soft tissues. It has developed to employ other techniques involving stretching, compression, friction, and trigger point techniques. 
Deep tissue or remedial massage similarly uses these techniques in the treatment and prevention of tension, anxiety, pain and injury. Perhaps you feel so tightly wound up  that you might break at any minute. A deep tissue massage will get deep into the knots to help you step down from the precipice and start breathing again. 
So whether sport is your daily obsession or your lifestyle is more sedentary, a deep tissue or sports massage can make a significant difference to your physical and mental well-being, not to mention how you perform every day in work and play.
​The benefits of PREGNANCY MASSAGE

The benefits of massage are recognised to give substantial health advantages: fighting stress, tension and soreness, aiding injury recovery and supporting treatment of muscle imbalance. This can be even more true during pregnancy.


Massage is known to improve relaxation, stimulating hormones that are needed throughout pregnancy, especially approaching birth. The body goes through great physical and emotional adaptations to enable the growth and birth of a child. Massage, more than just the laying on of hands provides a safe and nurturing space to support the connection between a Woman and her Body as well as Mother and Child. It eases physical discomforts, supports postural changes and helps prepare for birth making massage helpful right up to and beyond the baby’s due date.