I am a qualified, fully insured massage practitioner working in the Bruton area. Massage helps to create, maintain or re-establish the positive conditions needed for the body's musculoskeletal system to heal itself, to balance itself and do all it's ordinary and extraordinary work.

Massage can:

~ Relax and release stress and tension

~ Reduce the effects of anxiety

~ Relieve pain, stiffness and soreness

~ Improve recovery from and reduce

  risk of injury

~ Improve muscle imbalance

~ Maximise performance & condition

~ Support rehabilitation

Moreover, in pregnancy, massage can

~ Relieve the stiffness and soreness caused by          changes to your body

~ Improve sleep

~ Decrease stress hormones, increase the ‘feel-      good’ hormones that support pregnancy 

~ Improve recovery from labour and the early     

   post-natal period

~ Supports the connection between you and

   baby from womb to cradle